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Satanic Diseases recognised so far are from 222 types of evils and these books are still incomplete list of such diseases. The deviation from divine jurisdictions, would innovate more diseases and as the time passes by so the diseases and its evils would be added by the passing time. Human diseases take a start from heart, which is most sensitive organ of a human body. The external sensitive organs are for the actions but heart is a tool of conviction. Control of lust, lewdness, wrath and anger, helps the man in control of strains and tensions, that is an essential requirement in prevention of the satanic diseases originating from heart. On the same way controlling one’s illicit passion and diverting the passion for sacred acts like emotional attachments with the deprived and prospective candidates for education, spending money for the betterment of the poor and the needy and act of forgiving others, provides the man with a spiritual pleasure and happiness, which enhances the enjoyment of life. Jealousy, ambiguity, pride, greediness, selfishness, stubbornness and arrogance add to the chaos in life and afflict man on routine basis which are the origin of various depressive moments in life, Islam has strongly condemned and forbidden all through wise preventive techniques.

Almighty Alloh (The God) has created man in perfect form. Man is a unique entity equipped with a natural immune system having the potential to fight all harmful and alien microbes, viruses and bacteria. Man is equipped to sustain hardships, equipped to internally heal and cure from most of the diseases. Man is afflicted with all sorts of diseases when human actions trespass the bounds of divine forbiddance, moderation, moving towards the extremes of either deficiency or excess and inviting the wrath and chain reaction out of these unconscious actions.

Recovery of a man from the satanic diseases is only possible if man ignores the man made theories against the divine commands, assumptions against Almighty The-God, and non-divine style of life for short lived pleasures and adopts for a wiser system of living where human mind and body pre-empt the evils and lives a happier life free from sadness and full of vigour. The belief in pseudoscientific concepts is related to spiritual bankruptcy, scientific illiteracy, gullibility, and a lack of critical thinking skills through conscious mind and lack of reasonable thinking in Lord Creator’s manifestations in both the mental, physical and societal health. In the name of Almighty Alloh (The-God of Adam) the believers insure their day-to-day life with happiness, free from depression and happiness of multitudes. The key to human success is in Islam the only religion of Almighty The-God preached through all the Prophets and Messengers who are listed in Torah, Psalm, and Gospel and finally confirmed in The Last Testament Qur’an.

Islam (Shalom) is a religion of Submission to Almighty Alloh (The-God / El-Shaddai / El-Elohim / Hashem) Who protects the larger and long-term interest of Humankind provided human gives up the slavery of worldly masters, manmade gods, man created goddesses, enjoinment (Shirk) of The-God’s rights with others and other worshipping objects. Thus Almighty Alloh of whole Mankind and the Universe is the One and only Almighty The-God, The Absolute Almighty The-God, Never did He beget. Nor was He begotten and none equals Him. 


Islam approves the man and woman of human and Jinn races with ultimate benefits and disapproves the ultimate harm to whole of them. All the unclean items, which are detrimental, either to the body or soul, have been forbidden in Islam through The-Qur’an under the leadership of Muhammad (SAW) who had been designated and has been appointed as The Last Messenger Prophet of Almighty Alloh. Muhammad (SAW) is the last and final in the chain started with Adam (PBUH) who preached the paramount of the message of Almighty Alloh (One God) "There in no deity eligible for worship except One Almighty The-God (Alloh) ". The very same message was carried over by all including Idris, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Yousuf, David, Solomon, Jonah, Moses, Aaron, Jesus, and finally Muhammad (PBUT). Thus Islam (Submission to Almighty The-God is Shalom) is a far-reaching system of life, which proved the best forms of balance between the tedious and the spiritual aspects of one’s life. Islam strongly believes in superior human health, physical, spiritual, mental and psychological aspects of worldly life, which reflects its impact in the eternal life beside the Mercy of Almighty Alloh.

Thus recognising Muhammad (SAW) as Almighty Alloh’s Last Messenger and Prophet fulfils the prophecy enshrined in Torah (Devarim/Deuteronomy 18: 13, 14, 15) and Gospels (John 16: 7, 8,13, 14, 16). Almighty The-God forecasted: "I will raise them up a Prophet (Muhammad) from among their brethren (Children of Ishmael), like unto thee, and will put my words (The-Qur’an) in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him" (Devarim/Deuteronomy 18:18)-22 & 39.

Islam is the only religion of Almighty The-God (Alloh) recognises the revelation of all the divine books like Psalm (Zabbour), Torah (Taurât), and Gospel (Injeel), which once existed in the true form from where the Prophets and Messengers of Almighty Alloh gave the code of life for the people of the time to follow. However, by the time passed by, people distorted the original text by translating it to different languages without scripting the original text side by side to refer the original text. Thus translation of any text cannot be exact of the original unless original text is written to confirm the real meaning. Secondly, many additions in the translated text were added to construct the emotional and purposeful attachments to meet the self-inspired creeds, which did not match the original sense of the divine text. Thirdly, human jealousy inspired by Unconscious Mind forced many faithful to add their own version of understanding about Almighty The-God, narrations and about the coming and establishment of Jesus (PBUH). To the extent, human was designated a part god which stood as an allegation (Shirk) against the absoluteness and oneness of Almighty The-God. When the original concept of Almighty The-God’s religion, the religion of Abraham became the victim of human distortions, Almighty The-God (Alloh) finally sent down The Last Testament Qur’an containing all the corrected verses from the original divine books of Almighty The-God to sanctify His religion, His final divine message and put a seal on the series of Prophets and Messengers in Muhammad (SAW) as foretold by Moses and Jesus in the divine revelations of their times. Thus Almighty Alloh, The Last Messenger, has made The Last Testament Qur’an infallible and Prophet made Mercy for the whole Mankind and the finality of the Almighty The-God’s religion established in Islam (Submission / Peace / Shalom).

Commonalities among Jews, Christians and Muslims are remarkably significant. Beside what have been distorted by humans about Monotheism (Tauheed) and the status of Messenger and Prophets in the previous divine books, one could still find a lot of prohibitions, way of conveyance and basic tenets of life still intact. That is where it is easy to find a link for Jewish and Christian cousins to find commonality among them and among their Muslim cousins. Such commonalities must be explored to forge a common relationship among these three children of Abraham (PBUH) in all western worlds in particular and the entire common world in general. Under such an alliance of common understanding each will get an opportunity to understand each and other to remove the evils from Mankind and help non-Abrahamic religions to approach the worship of One Almighty The-God (Tauheed). When we all stand in front of The King of The Judgement Day, most of us could be credited for such an effort to reap the rewards in eternal life. After all, we are human children of Adam and Abraham (PBUT) we should fight our fathers’ common enemy Devil-Jinn-Satan jointly and wisely. That is how we could save Mankind from the Satanic Diseases.

Abraham (PBUH) is the main worldly link and a sense of unity inspired by Almighty The-God for Jews, Christians and Muslims. Thus Jews, Christians and Muslims are of the same Religion, same Message and the same One Almighty The-God; Who is the Almighty The-God of whole Mankind and the whole universe. Jews failed to recognise Jesus the son of virgin Marry (PBUT) as the Messenger of Almighty The-God and the Gospel while Christians failed to recognise Muhammad (SAW) as the Last Messenger and Prophet of Almighty The-God. Jews and Christians ignored the finalisation of their own religion Islam / Shalom (Submission to Almighty The-God where peace lays) some out of jealousy, some out of pride, some out of ignorance, some out of monasticism but the majority of them have accepted Islam as their religion that is how the number of Muslims multiplied from One Last Messenger Prophet (SAW) swelling to more than a billion and a quarter today.


The believers in Islam shall not rest unless the message of Almighty The-God reaches to each cousin from the Jewish and Christian community for reconciliation because it is the duty of Abrahamic children to preach the truth and stand tall on the truth. Jews and Christian’s cousins are not Muslims in true definition but they are on the borderline, they are the people of the books to be included with conveyance of the message and exchange of knowledge. Muslims should not seek Jews and Christians to convert to Islam but shall seek to impart knowledge of Islam and also learn their what they have to express. There is no compulsion in Islam but remain open to Mankind.


While spiritually intelligent Muslims must do their part, Almighty Alloh will sent back Jesus (PBUH) to re-establish the true faith of submission among all the Christians and among few of the Jewish cousins. That will be the last chance to heed the call of Islam (Submission) by Jesus (PBUH). Those who follow him with The Last Testament Qur’an will find the promised salvation and those who remained stubborn and denier they will fill the Hellfire, which has been prepared for the disbelieving Men and Women of Humankind and Jinnkind. All Muslims, most of the Christians and few of Jews will unite under Jesus (PBUH) to form the single largest group of the believers in Abrahamic faith of Islam. That is the promise of Almighty Alloh and it shall be Insha-Alloh.



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