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Humankind is blessed with many virtues, and Dreaming in the hours of sleep is one of the virtues, which every human experiences continually. Many of us do not consider Dreams of any important value, though dreams are mental activities preparing the Dreamer for entry into advanced information network controlled by Divine Programs (DP). Despite the fact that most dreams are forgotten due to lacking interest of the Dreamer but some leave hallmarks in the life of a person who may not even have ever believed in a Dream. An event with a strong emotional component is more likely to be remembered than one with no emotional component because emotional memories are recorded in one part of the brain while visual components are recorded in another. Dreams are opportunities to reorganize one's thoughts and resources to solve problems, which sounds feasible.

This book titled "The Dreamer" is an attempt to study the evolution of dreams, its origin, its impact on human psyche and its detrimental effect on Dreamer’s future course of life. The Dreams have been analysed by Messenger-Prophets of Almighty The-God, by Messengers’ companions and many intellectuals in religious and non-religious communities until the present times. The process of Dream Delineation would continue and those who could reap the benefits from the Dreams would be ahead of many of their compatriots while further efforts to uncode the dreams from the knowledge of divine text would remain an important matter for the Dream Delineators from all spheres of life.

The envisioned dreams have been categorised in different chapters to understand each and every kind of dreams individually by its nature, domain, background habitat and logic. Though main deliberations are from The Qur’an, Ahadiths, Atharats, conforming biblical text but other scientific references have been sought to make this book widely beneficial for every section of life style without any prejudice. No doubt, divine deliberations are the seeds of knowledge, which are infallible, but its elaboration requires research work, which are being conducted by many scholars, and scientists, which are beneficial in analysing the dreams for broader understanding and conviction in our modern societies. Dream symbolism with reference to The Qur’anic commands and explanatory knowledge has been explicitly explained while Prophetic and Divine Delineations have been precisely referred with authentic examples. The Biblical entries where needed, have been added to enhance the periphery of Dreaming and its positive effect on diverse human perceptions; it honours the fellow human brothers of The Divine Book (Ahle Kitab) who are the part of Abrahamic faith. The inclusion of secular perceptions of Dreaming covers the non-religious desire to gain benefits from the endowed blessings of Almighty The-God. The overall scientific approach to Dreaming does not alter its divine importance but the secret knowledge from the dreams buds out to provide fragrance of life to each and every human born with this beautiful trait, for better understandings of our living, programmed planning and appreciation of Lord Almighty The-God Who enshowers knowledge without any limitations, and only for the humankind to explore and benefit.

The author’s own envisionings recorded in this book are genuinely correct because it is the conviction of this author that he must meet his Almighty Creator Lord The-God on the day of Judgement and nothing should be recorded for which he is not truly convinced. Beside, other texts and envisionings from people with diverse life style are referred in the book for broader understanding. Such resources are also necessary for the elaboration, which shall be continually judged from the seeds of knowledge mentioned in The-Qur’an. Such elaborations are ever blossoming in the form of colourful foliage covering the scientific vision of Humankind. May Almighty make this book useful to all genuine Dreamers who seek His Guidance for their betterment? So help us Almighty The-God (Ameen / A’men).
Qamrul A. Khanson                                          Oct. 01 – 2005

01. The Philosophy of Dreams       


Dreams As An Empowerment Tool 

Dreams A Source of Healing

Dreams A Source of Spiritual Enhancement

Dreams A Source of Balanced Emotional Enhancement                  

Dreams A Source of Self Motivation 

Interpretation of Dreams

Wisdom in Interpretation of Dreams

Human soul and dreams

Categories of Dreams


02. Prophetic Envisioning 


Prophetic Envisionings Part of Religion

Interpretation of Prophetic Envisioning

Muhammad’s (SAW) Prophetic Envisioning

Abraham’s (PBUH) Prophetic Envisioning

Joseph’s (PBUH) Prophetic Envisioning

Solomon’s (PBUH) Prophetic Envisioning

Joseph s/o Jacob (PBUT) Envisions


03. Divine Envisioning


Divine Envisionings Part of Wisdom

Interpretation of Divine Envisioning

Divine Envisioning Confined to Companions (RTA)


04. Spiritual Envisioning


Spiritual Envisionings Are Spiritual Enhancements

Interpretation of Spiritual Envisioning

Elements of Spiritual Interpretation         

Spiritual Envisioning for Positivism

Spiritual Envisioning is Al Mubashshirat 

Evidence of Jesus’s Return

Angelic Message

Messenger (SAW) Envisioned with Advice

Envisioning The Path of Muhammad (SAW)

Envisioning Defence Against DJS


05. Secular Envisioning 


Secular Envisionings Could Be Guidance         

Interpretation of Secular Envisioning         

Elements of Secular Interpretation         

The King of Egypt’s Dream         

Joseph's (PBUH) Interpretation of the Dream         

The Dream and Interpretation - Qur'anic         

Symbolic Dream Interpretations       

Envisioning of Alligator         

Envisioning of Accident         

Envisioning of Self-Accident         

Envisioning of Snake Bite    

Envisioning of Dog Attack

Envisioning of Flying

Envisioning of Death


06. Concurrent Envisioning


07. Perpetual Envisioning                


Interpretation of Perpetual Envisioning         

Elements of Perpetual Interpretation         

Perpetual Envisioning of A Kuwaiti Boy    

Celine Dion and The Apple  

Running of Disabled One    

Finish The Perpetuality         

Completing The Perpetuality Protectively         

08. Plain. Envisioning                


Interpretation of Plain Envisioning

Elements of Plain Interpretation         

Plain Envisionings         

09. Evil Envisioning             


Interpretation of Evil Envisioning         

Elements of Evil Interpretation         

Scary Dreams May not Be Evil         

10. Lusty Envisioning                


Interpretation of Lusty Envisioning         

Elements of Lusty Interpretation         

Nocturnal Emissions         

Lust Envisioning During Prohibited Hours 


11. Horrific Envisioning                


Elements of Horrific Interpretation         

Abu Salama’s  (RTA) Horrific Envisioning         

Arab Bedouin’s  (RTA) Horrific Envisioning         

Gahanna’s Horrific Envisioning         

Cloud’s Horrific Envisioning         

General Horrific Envisioning         

Horrific Envisioning by Righteous Christians         

12. Lucid Envisionings                 


Interpretation of Lucid Envisionings         

After-Death Communication (ADC)            

Elements of Lucid Interpretation         

Criteria for Lucid Envisionings         

Author’s Selected Lucid Envisionings         

ASLE 01:     

ASLE 02:     

ASLE 03: 


13. Gratification Envisionings                


Gratification Envisionings Strategic         

Interpretation of Gratification Envisioning         

Elements of Gratification Envisionings         

Maeyens Envisioning on Space Shuttle

Envisioning of Food Poisoning         

Envisioning of Car Breakdown         

14. Physical Envisionings                


Physical Envisionings Healthy         

Interpretation of Physical Envisioning         

Elements of Physical Envisionings         

Physical Envisioning and Anger         

Physical Envisioning and Laughter         

Physical Envisioning and Amnesia         

15. Review Envisionings                


Relativity With Other Envisionings         

Elements of Review Envisionings         

Accuser Relieved by the Facts         

16. Precognitive Envisionings                


Precognitive Envisionings        

17. Wrong Claimant Of Envisionings                

The God’s Warning Against Wrong Claimant         

Messenger’s Warning Against Wrong Claimant         

False Dream Consequence         

Refrain from Falsehood


18. Science of Dreams                


When Dreams Benefit

How Dreams Work

Misinterpreted Dreams Dangerous

Dream Symbols and You    


Suggested References For Further Studies 



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