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The purpose of this book is to trace back the common causes of human diseases, which afflict Humankind since the creation of Adam and the creation of his wife Eve / Haouwa (PBUT). Part one of the book entails the evils starting from letter "A" and covers up to the letter "I". The total evils covered in this volume are one hundred and nine. Humankind has been the victim of its own wrong doings without realising the adverse effects of those evils on the mind, body, soul of an individual, on a nation, on a society, on a community, on a nation and on the community of nations (International Community). Devil-Jinn-Satan (DJS) who like his forefathers, before the creation of Adam, inherited the seeds of evils, also accompanied the first man and woman with their descent to this planet earth. The Devil-Jinns have almost equal inborn traits as those of humans but the Unconscious Mind (UCM) of the devil-jinn has been the source of its evil’s activities, inviting his fellow Jinns and people from the human race as his compatriots to commit disobedience and defiance of divine laws.


The knowledge about devil-jinn and its evils are very well documented in Bible, and The Last Testament Qur’an has perfectly defined, identified and outcaste the accursed creature of Almighty The-God (Alloh) whose entry in the Heavens is prohibited forever. Devil-Jinn-Satan never used his Conscious Mind (CM) to repent and seek forgiveness of Almighty The-God while Adam (PBUH) and his children are embedded with a noble trait to repent and seek forgiveness of Almighty The-God, Who is The Forgiving Merciful. That is the main difference between devil and believer.

Muslim youth would find this book a lifetime asset and would find it to be of practical value in life. This book would not take you to extremism but steadfastness in Islam, tolerance of others and self-reform in particular. You could find solutions to your problems by prevention, by invoking Almighty Alloh through supplications provided in The-Qur’an. If I had this book when I was fifteen, I would have been a different person today, much better, with integrity, more wisdom, loved and respected by most, hated by very few and notably nothing would have made me fear most and nothing would have been beloved to me most than my own Creator Lord Almighty Alloh and His Last Messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW). I would have been a much better fighter against my Unconscious Mind (Nafs Lawwoman) and evils perpetrated by Devil-Jinn-Satan. Thanks to Almighty Alloh who extended my life to complete this book, at least, I have an intention, a determination and a vision to fight evils and share my knowledge with others who wish to help Mankind to maintain peace and tranquility among the children of Adam without any prejudice.

Many among the believers recite The Last Testament Qur’an to gain spiritual benefits, some use it only for guidance and some confine it to their home shelves as a symbol of blessings. Those who are really interested to benefit from The-Qur’an, must make their intention clear to rule their motives. Those who have determination to ward evils off from their selves, family, community, country and humankind, they would get an in-depth knowledge to get Guidance, the very same knowledge could be utilised to become wise, the acquired Wisdom will open the doors of success, the knowledge will Cure the sickness of hearts which is the centre of all diseases. The comprehensive benefits of The Last Testament comes from its recitation, understanding, adoption in life and conveying its message to those who are still unaware of its weightage in this worldly life and its heavenly guarantees. More than anyone who deserve the right to understand and know are the Jewish and Christian cousins with whom we share unity of Almighty The-God, Messengers and Prophets and divine books of Almighty Alloh (The-God).

In this book, an effort has been made to trace back the evils perpetrated by Devil-Jinn, which Torah, Gospel and The-Qur’an have identified and which are commonly understood by the followers of all three divine books. The Last Testament Qur’an has a comprehensive list of evils generated by Devil-Jinn and diseases evolved from such evils. It is not a hidden fact that Muslims recognise the divine books of Psalm, Torah and Gospel but their authenticity in original form is not only doubted but also assuredly disputed due to the concepts alien to Abrahamic faith (e.g. Genesis 19: 30-38). In this book, efforts have being made to reconcile the errors primarily because such errors cannot be the work of devout Jews and Christians who love all the commonly recognised Prophets and Messengers of Almighty The-God, as do the Muslims. Secondly the corrective notions and corrective descriptions are elaborated in The Last Testament Qur’an, which is final in the series of divine revelations, and nothing divine comes after Almighty The-God’s final testimony.

Judaism, Christianity and Muslims share many common creeds, which all three trace back from Abraham (PBUH). The unity and integrity of Almighty The-God is commonly conceived and forbiddance of graven images of Almighty The-God and worship of any other God than the Almighty The-God is forbidden in The Ten Commandments. Muslims respect and value Ten Commandments that are still intact in the Biblical text, though the Government in the United States forbids its public display. Most western countries that advocate anti-religion sentiments, which is a sad move for all of us, unfortunately we have been compelled to share this forbiddance. The combined efforts of Jews, Christians and Muslims in the western world with their commonalities in the religion of submission to The-God (Islam) can contribute to the eradication of many evils, which are degrading the western communities. The matter of enhanced family life, sanctity of marriage, forbiddance of Usury, forbiddance of adultery, evils of alcoholism, drug addiction and sexual abuses are the few but main evils where our divine values are shared on equal terms which should be jointly imparted among our populations for the Mercy of Almighty The-God and for the avoidance of afflictions.

Then the situation in the Middle East requires more tolerance of Abrahamic children for each and other. The children of Abraham like Ishmael and Isaac (PBUT) did not fight each other but coexisted with affection and unity in Almighty The-God and Abraham (PBUH). When Abraham (PBUH) was asked to set his foot in new lands, Almighty Alloh sanctified those lands for his children. The entire Middle East has been the home of Abrahamic children since Almighty The-God blessed the Patriarch Abraham (PBUH). The Old Testament is the testimony from Almighty The-God’s blessings for Ishmael and Isaac (Genesis 16 & 17). Almighty The-God did not discriminate between Ishmael and Isaac so did Abraham (PBUT) that is how the generation of Abraham flourished in the Middle East.

But those who ignored the sanctity of One God, killed prophets and spilled human blood for worldly gain, Almighty Alloh punishes them in this life as well as Hereafter, such people had no spiritual connection. Examples of Jewish, Christian and Muslims afflictions are available in divine books and in the history of Mankind. The negligence of Jews towards Torah, misunderstanding about Jesus by those who want to believe in him and extremism among Muslims has contributed to violence in the modern world. Though Muslims are on the receiving end of the man made atrocities in Middle East, Chechnya, Kosovo and Bosnia, an effort on understanding each other’s proximity to Almighty The-God and His Messengers and His Prophets and His Divine Books would pave the way to solve the crises on international forums. Almighty The-God never likes Humans to fight among themselves, that is why killing is a heinous crime in Torah, Gospel and The Last Testament Qur’an.

This book is a genuine attempt to solve the crises among the children of Adam in general and children of Abraham (PBUT) in particular. There are religious personalities among Jews, Christians and Muslims who would like to make a start on this matter, a start that will be blessed by Almighty Alloh. We should all ponder about our own creation, our own Creator Almighty Alloh (Ilohi/ Elohim), our own Messengers right from Adam and then see where we made mistakes and where lies the opportunity to resurrect in our commitment to The-God and revert to righteousness.

Without going in to the finer points of our beliefs, if we accept the Oneness of Almighty The-God and the common teachings of even present day Torah and Gospel, The Last Testament Qur’an would provide a binding factor between Jews, Christians and Muslims at least for the peace and tranquility among the children of Abraham.

As brothers and as children of Abraham, let us learn wisdom from Solomon (PBUH), let us not allow Yousuf (Joseph) among us to suffer, let us learn patience from Job (PBUH), let us learn lessons from the trials and knowledge of Moses (PBUH), let us not persecute Jesus for his message of Monotheism (PBUH) and finally at least listen to the comprehensive code of life which Muhammad (SAW) cherished from his Creator Almighty The-God. Let us find the cure of our diseases which trifurcate us from each and the other, let us find an answer in Abraham, Jesus, Moses and Muhammad (SAW) all of whom worshipped One Almighty-God.

The author is confident that none will be hurt by this exercise but all would gain in terms of reduced pain, reduced afflictions, reduced killing, greater cooperation, greater understanding and greater unity among the children of Abraham. People of the other faiths like Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrians and Sikhism could combine their common creeds towards peace and harmony among the children of Adam and against satanic diseases because all religions have roots in Monotheism of Almighty The-God. The conclusion of the book is in the Part 02 of the Book while after the last chapter of Part 01 is the summary, please read both and decide to make a choice. There is always a hope in discussion, understanding, tolerance and respect for each other.


Qamrul A. Khanson                                           January 10th - 2006


The Satanic Diseases Part 01

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