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The Philosophy of Monotheism



It is human’s most intriguing behaviour to whisper inquisitively for which we either do not know or we want to know to gain extra leverage in our quest for personal pleasure and empowerment. If our desire to gain knowledge remains an honest mission then no wonder that knowledge would soon lay a hand on our senses either spiritually or materially or by both. Likewise in our lives, we do not advance without a person in charge of our family who directs us, consoles us, unites us and guides us in our day-to-day matters. Similarly in government matters, an advocate becomes our leader to deal official business in a court of law, our political representative takes care of national business and matters of geographical boundaries and overall governance of a country is taken care by our national President or Prime Minister. A country cannot have two National Presidents or Prime Ministers otherwise chaos, civil war and disintegration of that nation takes place until one becomes a surviving national leader to run the nation. Such examples are in our recent memories when Angola, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgistan, Madagascar, and Ukraine proved what the author envisages with his natural theory of overall governance.

Keeping that perception and conception in mind, man cannot think of many gods to rule this universe as it is illogical and it does not exist. Philosophy of Monotheism is what we account as reality of this universe and Almighty Alloh is that reality that rules the universe where planet earth is just a tiny part of Almighty Alloh’s Domain. The roots of Human civilization slouch in the seeds of Adam and his wife Eve (PBUT). The world that was created for Mankind by Almighty Alloh is the best of all possible worlds that is consistent with human freedom and choice. The creed of Monotheism is the greatest foundation for Mankind that is based on directing all meanings of Oneness to Almighty Alloh and rejecting all forms of partnership: thus He is The Only Creator, and The Sole Director of the affairs of His creation, whether through the natural laws governing the material universe (Science) including the human body, or the realm of minds and souls through the laws (Spiritual) with which The Prophets and The Messengers were sent to guide humanity towards Monotheism, placing the responsibility of human existence and their fate, according to their acceptance or rejection of The Prophets and The Messengers, to be carried by humans, as the creatures of Almighty Alloh endowed with reason and free will.

This book "The Philosophy of Monotheism" discusses that Monotheism (Tauheed) is not opposed to difference of opinion among humans, pluralism in subordinate leadership, freedom of choice on personal liking, tolerance of others, values pertaining to moral and democratic principles, but is rather the foundation for them, and the antithesis of polytheism, dictatorship, feudalism, slavery to man and all forms of transgression which Devil-Jinn-Satan (DJS), Devil-Ins-Satan (DIS) and Un-Conscious Mind (UCM) perpetrate to distract human and lead them towards eternal annihilation for which Almighty Alloh warns, educates, inculcates and guides the one who becomes eligible for The Mercy of Almighty Alloh. The differences in belief, religion, thought, ethics or politics do not justify the quest to eliminate them with force, since that will violate one of the purposes of divine creation, that is diversity, versatility, discrepancy and difference: "but they (Humans) will not cease to dispute / differ except those on whom your Lord has bestowed His Mercy (because of their righteous intention and determination to ward-off evils from their lives), and for this did He create them". The Almighty Alloh’s Mercy is bestowed upon those who have clear intentions to seek truth from Almighty Alloh, from His Divine Books, from His Prophets, from His wise people and those who have determination to ward-off evils.

The purpose of this book is not to convert people towards one particular religion but to introduce, identify, recognise and impart knowledge about Almighty Alloh (The-God of Universe) Who is One, all humans and Jinns are invited towards Him so that an understanding about our Sole Creator is developed and we become a loyal servant and slave of Almighty Alloh Who is known as Alloh in Arabic, Elohim in Hebrew, Eishwar in Brahmanism and Almighty The-God in English. Hopefully this book will serve the purpose of recognising Him as Almighty Alloh Who created Adam from soil, Eve from Adam’s rib, Jesus from Mother Mary without father and whole mankind from a drop of Murky water (seminal fluid) and unto Almighty Alloh we shall all return willingly or unwillingly. Before that time comes to us let us, pray together.

The Arab-Islamic word of Allah (Alloh) comes from Al and Ilah, meaning "The-God" in English contemplating Oneness of (Almighty) Alloh. In Arabic, the pronunciation of  Alloh is the better term as it respects the grace of the word and its Might in Arabic pronunciation (Tajweed). Since Allah has been comprehensively used in English translation, this author does not negate the spelling of Allah but/rather "Alloh" would be more appropriate and respectful in English pronunciation without any error in it. The author prefers to use Alloh instead of Allah because of its proximity in Arab-Islamic pronunciation (Tajweed) and its majestic respect as a prime name of Almighty The-God.

"Our Lord! Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire". "Our Lord! Punish us not if we forget or fall into error, Our Lord! Lay not on us a burden like that which you did lay on those before us; our Lord! Put not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Pardon us and grant us Forgiveness. Have mercy on us. You are our Patron, Supporter and Protector and give us upper-hand (to convey the message of Monotheism) over the disbelieving people". "Our Lord, let not our hearts waver, now that you have guided us". "Shower us with your mercy; you are The Grantor". "Our Lord, You will surely gather the people on a day that is inevitable that is the day of Judgement". "Almighty Alloh never breaks a promise". "Our Lord we seek refuges in you The Lord of daybreak". "From the evils among Your creations. "From the evils of darkness as it falls". "From the evils of the troublemakers". "From the evils of the envious when they envy". " We seek refuge in You (Almighty Alloh): The Lord of the people". "The King of the people" - "Almighty Alloh of the people. "From the evils of sneaky whisperers" - "Who whisper into the chests of the people. "Be they of the jinns, or the Humans". Our Lord rectifies our mistakes and let us be the source of conveying your Guidance – Most certainly You grant Guidance to those who seek intentionally and with determination to attain your Bliss.

Oh our Lord, Guide us on the right path: the path of those whom You blessed (Abraham) not of those who have deserved wrath (Noah’s tribe, Lot’s tribe etc.), nor of the strayers (Pharaoh, Nimrod etc) (Ameen / A’men).

Qamrul A. Khanson                                                  May 10 - 2006

(The Author)

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