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Human was created in the heavens in the form of first man Adam (PBUH) without parents and as per his desire of a companion; Eve (PBUH) was created from Adam (PBUH) to provide emotional and psychological tranquility for both of them.  Due to human’s inborn passion to adventure in to the realm of nature, The Creator Lord sent the two humans down on the planet earth to fulfil the desire of passion with a given right of choice as per their own satisfaction, while Almighty The-God provided all means to make human heed to the guidance of The Creator Lord The-God for a worldly excellence and eternal salvation.

It seems obvious that man is essentially a creation with a sense of choice, the human body is programmed to evolve what is perceived fit but the soul is caged in the body to facilitate the mortal sustenance, make a choice and earn eternity in the hereafter as per the choice made in the worldly life. Man differs from animals in so many subtle ways - anatomically, physiologically, psychologically, mentally and spiritually - that it no longer is really justified to classify him in the animal kingdom at all. If we take into consideration the evolutionary development of human’s activities, human are more than animals by reason of his super and specific creation, yet inferior to many animals by reasons of erroneous behaviours within this living world. Thus human in fact is a unique creation of Almighty The-God (Alloh) to which the term 'animal' is categorically not applicable at all. In fact, human has been created to be superior to all other creations of The Creator Lord i.e. Jinn, Angel etc., in order to pacify angels who initially doubted the durability of humans as the most venerative creation (Ashraf Al Maqhlooquat) of Almighty The-God.

Human Psychology is a subject which studies human behaviour, human mind, human thoughts and, frequently, the application of such knowledge to various spheres of human activity, including problems of individuals' daily lives, the treatment of mental illness and advancement of human capabilities for the coming future. The study of human intelligence with reference to its material realm as well as spiritual realm have been tried and proven but human’s passion is never concurrent to the facing issues rather human generally believes in succession of substance. This phenomenon in human behaviour has bifurcated the majority of humans into materialism and spiritualism where both are still at odds. The nature versus nurture debate in the context of the study of human intelligence is by far the most viciously contested aspect of this field. This is the case because psychometric IQ tests have been misused to label certain ethnic and racial groups as superior or inferior based on the belief that these tests measure genetically based, non-modifiable aspects of human performance. Genetic determinism of intelligence serves the eugenics movement, which argues for genetic selection to produce superior human beings that is where materialism crossed the border of humanistic development and plunged in to devastative and dangerous zone not sustainable even by its perpetrators.

The real development of humankind comes from the combined efforts of material and spiritual empowerments. Materialism is part of our living in this life and all necessities, which are required to develop, establish and propagate, for living in this world, shall be availed without neglecting the spiritual existence within us. Human cannot be complete unless materialism and spiritualism are explored equally for the purpose of a comprehensive living in this world and eternal abode in par excellence.  The lack of spirituality among the materially advanced people has left them intellectually, morally and divinely bankrupt. When it comes to nurturing individual human souls, spirituality fights the menace of a competition in warlike hysteria, spirituality fights the menace of materialism greed in fraudulent nature of affluence and spirituality fights the menace of viciousness of the greed removing the barrier, which blurred them as if this material world never ends for them. Though, many unknowingly adhere to certain principles, which are spiritually inherited by the religious teachings, still the need to make peace with Almighty The-God through spiritual intelligence makes a person comprehensively undefeatable in this world and feasted in the world hereafter.

Materialism is not the enemy of spirituality if both are balanced to their respective importance. Matter is good in its place, but it is to be kept subordinate and tributary to spiritual nurturing and not the reverse. Humankind shall be free from any taint of idolatry or formalism in our daily lives if we can rightly distinguish between material and spiritual things. Monotheism is the core of any spiritual advancement while basic spirituality is attainable by anyone who limits his or her passion for this world only. A Spiritually Intelligent Believer would not limit his or her adventures for this world only but seeks more of the hereafter than this world.

To follow the spiritual path you do not have to abandon material things, nor does leading a materialistic life mean that you can't engage in spiritual practice. In fact, even if you are totally materialistic, if you check deep within your psyche, you will find that there is already a part of your mind that is flowing in a spiritual direction. It may not be intellectualized, it may not be your conscious philosophy, you may even declare, "I am not a believer" but in the depths of your consciousness there is a spiritual stream of energy constantly in motion towards the reliance on the nature of this world where Lord The Creator anchors you ship. Certainly, many people feel that spiritual and material lifestyles are completely incompatible, that is not what Almighty The-God guided us in The Last Testament Qur’an and earlier in Torah and Gospel.

The Last Messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW) took the middle path as much as he could tolerate. His spiritual practice, responsibility of being a Messenger of Almighty The-God and the demands of his everyday life were in complete harmony, it means path to success is there, one must decide to achieve that success. Your practice should satisfy your dissatisfied mind while providing solutions to the problems of everyday life. If it doesn't, check carefully to see what you really understand about your religious practice.

After going through seven paragraphs, the readers would appreciate that this book is a successful effort to let the people realise that living in this world through spiritual based materialistic life is a more successful process than living only materially or only spiritually. Therefore, put it all together to benefit from what has been created for the Humankind by The Creator Almighty Alloh. Entertain your material life with modesty but at the same time, understand the nature of both whatever it is that you're enjoying and the mind enjoying it, and how the two relate. There is no such thing, which satisfies you materially all the times, while complete spirituality may make you material resistant still you need to eat, live and dwell for your family. Then it is of paramount importance to balance both in such a way that success in both words precedes you concurrently. If you understand all this at a deep level, that is you self-consciousness, which must be awake all the time. Material gain must compensate with the thanksgiving to Almighty The-God (Alloh) and meeting His Almighty’s criterion in order to sustain the gain eternally. Esoteric spirituality deepens human potential by acknowledging the Greater Reality, and providing the means for experientially embracing it. We describe four different dimensions of the Greater Reality — psycho-physical, Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine — and we elaborate upon these dimensions, their Realization, and the means for Realizing them.

This book "The Spiritual Intelligence" is an invitation to whole of Mankind without any prejudice to ethnic, religious and cultural background. Almighty The-God created Adam (PBUH), we all inherit his genes, because every human born in this planet is the son of Adam and Adam was the first person that was taught directly by Almighty to explore materialism as well as gain success through imploring spirituality. Otherwise, his spiritual existence in the Eden garden was excellently sufficient for his life but material exploration became part of the drive to earn permanent spirituality in the heavens where material adventurism would not be a requirement for its dwellers, it will be their to serve them as per the directives of Almighty The-God (Alloh) and the desire of the heavenly dwellers.

This book provides stage-by-stage human development with knowledge imparted through growing association. The creative traits in humans are explored for the self-development, for enhanced communication, strengthening human spiritual base, providing fabulous spiritual power for the success in material world and a success in the world unseen by majority of the human kind. The maximum utilisation of inherent human body, mind and spiritual power leads to better body movement, body function, and sustained responsibilities, opening the gate for comprehensive enhancement unseen in the personal history of a man. Thus, human spirituality becomes an inseparable part of human life, which is paramount to human’s position on this planet earth and in the hereafter.

This book explores the possibility of a spiritual enrichness to ever human born on this planet earth while specific details with reference to one’s religiosity should be studied as a relative but in segregation. People belonging to any faith could develop their basic knowledge of spirituality by going through this book which would pave the way to become spiritually intelligent within their own communities and culture.

The language used in the book is simple while the prime name of The-God in Arab Islamic language Alloh is interchangeably used in order to let the readers understand that the word Alloh could be closely translated as The-God in English. The-God of whole Mankind is Alloh, which in Hebrew is often referred as Elohim, Hashem and El Shaddai while in Hindi Eishwar. Thus Almighty The-God has been often used as Almighty Alloh, which means the same for the whole of Mankind.

The last chapter exclusively deals with the Islamic Spirituality where every believing people in Monotheism, Abrahamic faith and Islam could seek closeness with Almighty The-God guaranteeing his or her place in this world and the world hereafter. If clinically followed, the reader of this book would become Spiritually Intelligent Believer through practice of the knowledge gained in this book. Any knowledge is just knowledge unless that knowledge is utilised, expanded and generated in to productive process for the benefit of self and the whole of humankind.

If you were Monotheistic believer strictly following Tauheed, this book would lead you to a close attachment with your Creator Lord The-God where a barrier would separate you with your Creator while you feel the protective shield of Almighty Alloh around you all the time. The guidance from The Qur’an and Ahadiths Sahee would be your norm while you righteously explore the realm of unseen future by the mercy of your Lord who holds your future to get explored by you. While materially living in this world you touch the realm of the life which you could imagine but feel its reality by becoming closer to Almighty Alloh, his Prophets especially The Last Messenger Prophet Muhammad and swimming in the pool of righteousness to get coloured by the Sifghatulloh and no one could be better than Sifghatulloh.

Remembering Almighty Alloh is one of the most important commandments of The Creator Lord Almighty Alloh. His Almighty commanded in many verses of The Last Testament Qur’an, especially after the performance of important religious obligations. Divine compassion is revealed as it comes to humankind through certain individuals, upon whom Almighty Alloh has bestowed a spiritual capacity, that makes them capable of receiving the underlying secrets of the universe and its mysteries through their souls and transmitting it to others. Human cannot attain salvation except by following the example of the prophets. Divine providence protected Abraham from Nimrod, and allowed Moses to part the Red sea. It was by the authority of God that Jesus Christ brought the dead to life, and that Muhammad vanquished the heathen armies with the aid of a handful of sand. These prophets and apostles represent the human ideal, for they were able to quench the yearning of their spirits and become absorbed in their love of Almighty The-God (Alloh). Their lives followed the straight path, in the footsteps of their predecessors, confirming the revelations of the Prophets that came before them.

Almighty Alloh seals in The Qur’an the role of The Last Messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW) with the following verse, and thus by it Muhammad (SAW) forms the seal of all the heavenly sent messengers:

Oh Muhammad (SAW): "We (Your Lord Almighty Alloh) have not sent thee but as a Mercy to all worlds" {The Qur’an - Surah Al Anbiya (Chapter: The Prophets) 21: 107}.

Let us begin by irrigating the seed of Spirituality within us, and nurture the seedling so that it takes a shape of green foliage nurturing self and providing shade to every creation of Almighty The-God. It will grow and future generations may reap the rewards and benefit from our hard work and sincere efforts. Spirituality with Almighty The-God fulfils all the righteous desires of both words while materialism in this world becomes as a substrate of our lives. To become a spiritually intelligent believer, you grasp of The-Qur’an should be such as to evolve science from it, evolve justice from it, and your desire to be the righteous example should be from it. Let us explore this book as a simple human and reach the end then we decide what we desire to be in this world in order to get rewarded in the Hereafter.

So help us Almighty The God (Ameen / A’men).

Qamrul A. Khanson                                 Aug. 01 - 2005


NOTE: The book would be published (God Willing) in 2012


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