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ISBN: 978-0-557-34062-0

Qamrul A. Khanson


This booklet has been written to appraise its readers about the only religion of Almighty The-God (Alloh) which is called in the Arabic language as Islam (Peace: Submission to The-God). Contrary to what diverse religious groups may have to say about this statement, Islam is open to each and every human born in this planet with equal rights and justice to all.

Besides a briefing on Islam, certain topics related to Islam have been discussed to attract the attention of the readers to adventure in to the world of truth, peace, tranquility and self empowerment. This takes you by expediting into the world of knowledge by referring to the books written by this author Qamrul A. Khanson.

Those who are not Muslims ought to be treated equally because Almighty Alloh (The-God) is the Creator of all and everyone in this universe. The books written by Qamrul A. Khanson provide opportunities of cooperation on issues where Muslims have commonalities with Jews, Christians and other religious groups for their social upliftment and communal inhabitation.

Islam is the religion advocating peace and submission to Almighty The-God. This author categorically rejects any notion of "Radical Islam" but the existence of radical Muslims cannot be denied. The radicalism in minor quarter of Muslims exists due to the Injustices, Oppression and Depravity (IOD) perpetrated upon them by the powerful entities of the world. If such IODs are removed, the radicalism among Muslims would recede to the below average of this world. Actions against IOD are to be taken in Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and it will have a positive domino effect in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere in the Muslim related world.

The author urges all of you to read The-Qur’an and spend money on buying the books written by Qamrul A. Khanson to equip yourselves to become internationally peaceful citizen advocating peace and justice for all humans. This is only possible when you become an example of Islam and your neighbors feel secured in your presence.

Qamrul A. Khanson                                            February 10 – 2010


List of Content


The Concept of God in Islam: 15

The Philosophy of Monotheism: 21


The Last Messenger Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):29

Islam Seeks Humankind to Reform:32

The Satanic Diseases Part 01 & 02:34

The Dreamer: Dream Your Future:40

Dos for Muslims:44

Islam the Religion: 49

Options in Life: 53

Achieving The Desired: 61

Be Scientific and Rational: 65

Cutting Edge Action (CEA): 73

Fear and Fearfulness: 77

Fear and Forgetfulness: 89

Conclusion: 10

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